Cliff Commanday, founder of Ace Authors

Cliff Commanday

Founder, Graphic Designer/Web Designer

Ace Authors founder, Cliff Commanday, is passionate about enabling authors to succeed. For every project, he draws upon his twenty-five years experience in design, education, and running businesses. With three degrees and as an aspiring writer himself, he understands the passion and dedication required of successful authors.

Social Networking Specialist at Ace Authors

Kelly Apgar

Social Networking Specialist/Team Leader

Kelly puts the Social into social networking. Understanding the connections that bind us is just in her DNA. Currently working on her PhD in sexual education, she is a published author working on her third book.

SEO Specialist at Ace Authors

Simer Preet Singh

Web Developer/SEO Team Leader

Simer runs our international team of SEO specialists. An expert in all web programming languages, there is no task too large or impossible.