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Now What?


Our Author Promotion Packages
are designed to promote your book online.
Let us do the hard work for you!

Promote Your Book Online
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Websites for Authors

Websites designed specifically for authors

Publishing your book is exciting. Last minute edits, finalizing your cover design, telling your friends and family that it’s finally done! The truth that no one tells you is that the hard work isn’t over once you publish. It’s only the beginning, whether you just published or were published years ago.

Let us do some of that hard work for you!

The web is a big place. An optimized website and social media presence can help you sell more books!

  • Sell more books
  • Grow your audience of loyal readers
  • Let people find you via your website
  • Promote your brand with an author blog
  • Easy to update yourself
  • Highlight your collection of works
  • Promote new releases and upcoming events